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PC Postage

An approved service from the U.S. Postal Service that is provided by third parties for printing U.S. postage stamps on a user's printer. In 1999, E-Stamp Corporation and Stamps.com were the first PC Postage sites. Postage is paid for and downloaded from the service's website, and the stamp and barcode are printed on an envelope or label. The printed stamps are known as "electronic stamps," "Internet postage," "online postage," "online stamps," "digital stamps," and "digital postage." They are also called "e-stamps," however, E-Stamp, originally a trademark of E-Stamp Corporation, later became a trademark of Stamps.com (see Stamps.com).

In 2002, the post office offered Click-N-Ship, its own online PC Postage site that charges only for the price of the postage. It also added military base addresses along with the appropriate customs forms for shipping packages to members of the armed services.

The Indicia Program
The barcode and associated printed elements are based on the Post Office's Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP). The indicia contains numerous data elements, including date, delivery point and digital signature. Some systems rely on software only while others use a hardware key (dongle) that holds the downloaded postal funds. Address cleansing may also be offered by the provider. See hardware key and address cleansing.
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Graves has represented technology companies in patent cases involving online postage generation and delivery, network security, web-hosting, image capture, digital signature and encryption technologies, nano-scale manufacturing and biotech, among many other technical fields.
Click-N-Ship - an online postage service offered by the United States Postal Service - allows you to create pre-paid shipping labels for certain mail classes - including Priority Mail, Express Mail, Express Mail International, Priority Mail International and Global Express Guarantee - using your own PC and printer.
Visit the pbSmartPostage online postage application website at www.
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There is hardware for online postage purchasing/printing as well as a heavily increased amount of shelf space of more than 100 brand new bookcases.
Portaltech were commissioned to design and build the online postage solution for Royal Mail and to construct the software infrastructure to support the eBay initiative.
The Royal Mail has recently launched its online postage system, allowing the internet literate to print off a special label which acts like a stamp.
The DYMO Stamps offer is currently a no-monthly fee online postage solution ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses and offices.
The national winners will be presented with an award and the company will receive a year's subscription to Smart Stamp ( the Royal Mail's online postage service.
Unlike postage meters or other online postage providers, E-Stamp doesn't charge a monthly fee.
In addition to payroll processing, Intuit has several new QuickBooks- related services in the pipeline, including online postage purchasing, credit card processing, automated e-mail, and online leasing and loans.
Six weeks on from approval by the US Postal Service for their online postage stamp businesses, E.

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