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Part of the challenge for Chris was that the window was made up of clouded opalescent glass - which changes colour according to the observer's position - and unusual types of textured glass.
Hunter Fan Co., for instance, is unveiling compact fluorescent lights for ceiling fans in low-profile opalescent glass that accept pin-based 22-watt compact fluorescent bulbs.
The house is wrapped in opalescent glass and galvanized steel with a vein-like standing seam.
Early imitations were made of hollow opalescent glass coated with a mixture of ground up fish scales and varnish - even Queen Elizabeth I is said to have worn them.
Shower cubicles are sturdy, private, enclosed with opalescent glass and hygienically designed.
Rosanna offered Luna Glass, a line of opalescent glass bowls in pale blue, pale green and violet.
His frosty opalescent glass was made by an acid treatment or sand blasting.
One of opalescent glass contains a bathroom; the other, suspended above the sitting room, is the main bedroom, a capsule under a translucent illuminated ceiling.
His Brooklyn studio is stocked with sheets of glass ranging from the opalescent glass popularized by Lefarge in the late 1880s to rarer cuts procured to match materials discovered during such high profile restoration projects as Carnegie Hall and Grand Central Station.
Among the Decorative Arts ceramics is a Doulton Lambeth stoneware tyg incised with three busts of ponies by Hannah Barlow (estimate pounds 600/800) (photo attached), as well as Royal Doulton figures, Moorcroft, Clarice Cliff and Troika, while the glassware from that period includes a Lalique Avallon opalescent glass vase (pounds 650/800) and a Lalique Ondines clear and opalescent glass plate (pounds 700/900).
The spaces he creates out of stone, opalescent glass and planes of soft light and shadow convey a sense of mystery and transcendence of the material world.