open Universe

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open Universe

See deceleration parameter; Universe.
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open universe

[′ō·pən ′yü·nə‚vərs]
A cosmological model in which the volume of the universe is infinite and its expansion will continue forever.
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In open universe scenario, our model initially falls in phantom phase and then is analogous to [LAMBDA]CDM for all values of W([phi]).
With the emergence of a predictable, mechanical, universe, one that eschewed "hierarchical organization" and embraced "an open universe comprised simply of matter and motion," the colonists' approach to food began to change (p.
"The sea is here" was carved on a wooden block hung on the tree, where one could sit, write a wish, thought, or an unearthly demand, and release it into the open universe by attaching it to a red balloon.
Jurgen Moltmann examines cosmic eschatological scenarios in the Christian tradition and demonstrates the richness of theological reflection when informed by the open universe model.
He needed to gratify the "passive reader of late-Victorian fiction who expects entertainment and symmetry from literature" (140), while creating a community of understanding among the sophisticated few, who like Henry James understood the basic difficulty with the representation of an open universe in a closed system of linguistic convention.
"If the composition of the universe consists only of matter and no other forms of energy, then there is a density known as the critical density which divides an open universe which is forever expanding from a closed universe which expands to a point, then eventually contracts due to the self-gravity of the matter contained within it, and the in-between position between open and closed is, as I say, a universe with a critical density, is what is called a flat universe."
An open universe would have no boundaries; it would keep going forever with no restrictions.
A closed universe has more deceleration and is smaller than an open universe. Therefore, galaxies similar to the Milky Way at a particular redshift will be at smaller distances from us and appear brighter in a closed universe than they do in an open universe.
As things stand, "a strongly open universe - one with W0 less than 0.5 - is just not possible," says Myers.
Indeed, liberation is the final meaning, the shedding and assuming of selves in an open universe. It is, as it seems, a Christian universe, whose work and end is redemptive--indeed, Harris uses the word resurrection in his title Resurrection at Sorrow Hill.
Recent observations seem to favor such an open universe, which Adams and Laughlin adopt in their study.
But not only is this scenario extraordinarily ad hoc, but it does not seem even to avoid the difficulty.(10) For given infinite past wider time, each of the infinite regions of the de Sitter space will have spawned an open universe which will have filled the volume of that region completely, so that all the bubble universes will by now have collided or coalesced.

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