open Web

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open Web

(1) The public side of the Web. There are parts of the Web that are public and viewable by everyone and others that are private. See surface Web and deep Web.

(2) The countries that do not restrict their citizens from viewing content on the Web.

open web

A web, 1 composed of a group of members (in a crisscross or zigzag array) instead of solid plates.
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CRB's authorized labs test the device for open web APIs and key performance benchmarks.
Open Web profiles include a range of criteria, such as skills and hobbies, which allow companies and hiring managers to tailor their approach to each individual candidate, making initial introductions faster and deeper.
KDDI will be providing Open Web Board for use with Gluin free of charge at developer events starting from the end of October 2014, and opened "au Firefox OS Portal Site" on October 5.
The combination of eFinancialCareers proprietary databases with the information and insights gained through social and professional sites makes Open Web a one-of-a-kind product," said Michael Durney, President and CEO of Dice Holdings, Inc.
Sainsbury's, Tata and Cognizant, are among the first organisations in the UK to adopt The IT Job Board's Open Web social search engine as businesses both large and small increasingly turn to social networks to source top tech talent.
The open web standards-based design of both the Xythos WFS and the CDCIE will permit secure information access and sharing for participants using a wide variety of client system technology, helping to simplify project coordination and improve mission effectiveness.
We believe in the open Web and the importance of an open environment for mobile apps and services," said appMobi's CTO, Sam Abadir.
The platform includes Open Web Board, a development board based on Firefox OS that allows connecting with various electronic devices supplied with NFC function, and Gluin, an application development tool that allows linking programming between electronic devices with a few operations on a PC browser.
ShareThis, the universal sharing platform, topped a strong list of competitors as the winner of the Best Blog Plugin in the 2(nd) Annual Mashable Blogger's Choice and People's Choice Open Web Awards, Mashable.
KDDI announces the release of a creative platform for embedded-system developers and Web developers that consists of Open Web Board, Development board based on Firefox OS that enables linking with various electronic devices equipped with near field communication function, and Gluin, an application development tool that enables simple linking programming between electronic devices with just a few operations on a PC browser.
com's new web app is showing iPhone and iPad owners how Apple is blocking them from accessing open web standards that unlock the next generation of the web.