open Web

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open Web

(1) The public side of the Web. There are parts of the Web that are public and viewable by everyone and others that are private. See surface Web and deep Web.

(2) The countries that do not restrict their citizens from viewing content on the Web.
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open web

A web, 1 composed of a group of members (in a crisscross or zigzag array) instead of solid plates.
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Taboola's 'Reader Engagement Findings' are based on their analysis of the open web, which included 450 million-plus readers, 190 thousand plus articles, 4 billion-plus page views and 3.3 billion-plus minutes of reading.
If we don't elect politicians who defend a free and open web, if we don't do our part to foster constructive healthy conversations online, if we continue to click consent without demanding our data rights be respected, we walk away from our responsibility to ensure these issues are a priority for our governments.
They are also encouraging content creators to migrate any Flash content, which includes games and video, to new open web standards like HTML5 and WebGL.
Zuckerberg killed the open web and all the bridges it had created in order to make money.
passes strong #netneutrality rules, stands up for open Web. See @webfoundation ->
However Cohen argues that getting rid of Daesh from the open web is a good way to tackle the group's propaganda and online infrastructure.
Open Web Board is a stick-type development board that enables connection with various commercial devices that support Bluetooth (R) Low Energy (hereafter "BLE") sensors.
The racks can be engineered with closed columns or an open web to permit the installation of in-rack sprinklers.
Illustrated with color screenshots on every page, this tutorial for experienced web designers offers step-by-step instructions for using Adobe Edge Animate, a multimedia authoring tool based on open web standards. Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web Foundation [ ] and the World Wide Web Consortium [ ] are asking people to take action to protect and enhance the open Web in 2014.