open enrollment

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open enrollment,

a policy of admitting to college all high-school graduates in an effort to provide a higher education for all who desire it. To critics it means an inevitable lowering of standards as a considerable effort must be devoted to development of basic skills. The most ambitious programs of open enrollment in the United States have been undertaken in California and New York City. Under California's system, codified in 1960, high-school graduates in the top eighth of their class may attend a Univ. of California campus. Those in the top third qualify for a state university. All the rest may attend a two-year community college. New York City's plan, begun in 1970, guarantees every high-school graduate, academic or vocational, a place in a city college. In the 1980s and 90s many educational institutions partially reversed such policies and tightened admission requirements.


See D. Lavin, Right Versus Privilege (1981).

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Why are Beneficiaries Confused by the "Open Enrollment Period"?
According to Google analysis of the website, traffic to the organization's website increased 48 percent during the Open Enrollment Period.
This way, older employees will avoid paying Medicare premiums until their company coverage ends while preserving their open enrollment period for a Medigap plan.
This year, the Trump administration set the open enrollment period start Nov.
"Our survey shows that even among consumers who are proactively shopping for new 2018 plans, a majority don't know that this year's open enrollment period is half the length of last year's," said eHealth CEO Scott Flanders.
15 even though open enrollment went all the way until the end of January because if you want coverage to begin on Jan.
Outside of open enrollment, the Dallas-based navigators help local families year-round in accessing Medicaid, CHIP and food assistance.
* For the more than 58 million seniors and other people enrolled in Medicare, their Open Enrollment runs from Oct.
About 12.2 million people either had exchange plan coverage in place at the end of the 2017 open enrollment period, or had selected plans and were on track to have coverage in place once they paid their premiums.
The open enrollment period for 2017 is set to start Nov.
Mike Sinkeldam, a principal and compliance consultant at Mercer in Irvine, California, suggests that open enrollment is "probably the best opportunity out of the whole year for an employer to get employees to pay attention to their benefits, and not just the health benefits."
One-third of Latinos who were uninsured three years ago still did not have any health insurance after the 2015 open enrollment, with individuals who may not be eligible for insurance comprising nearly half of this group.

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