open roof

open roof, open-timbered roof

A roof construction in which the rafters and roof sheathing are visible from below; there is no ceiling.
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References in classic literature ?
Ogg's and its neighborhood were there; and it would have been worth while to come even from a distance, to see the fine old hall, with its open roof and carved oaken rafters, and great oaken folding-doors, and light shed down from a height on the many-colored show beneath; a very quaint place, with broad faded stripes painted on the walls, and here and there a show of heraldic animals of a bristly, long-snouted character, the cherished emblems of a noble family once the seigniors of this now civic hall.
"The entrance is offset and the lobby has an open roof so if it exploded any blast would be directed upwards."
"It is quite obvious that for the simple reason that the repair started last week there is leakage on an open roof," said Prof.
At 5am, I lie back in the onsen, gazing up at a patch of pre-dawn inky blue through the open roof. In that moment, with no points of reference, I could be anywhere; city, forest or mountaintop, we share the same sky.
IMPROVE EXPERIENCEThe county's Tourism department said the initiative is aimed at improving the tourist experiences in Mombasa."The open roof double-decker bus will allow tourists to hop on and hop off as much as they like at any of the bus stops on the route and see all the best sights and attractions that Mombasa city has to offer.
All the other places I've played have an open roof but this feels like an intimate gig because the roof is closed."
MULTAN -- Tourists would be enjoying an open roof ride while watching remains of ancient Indus Valley Civilization from next year at Harappa, some 24 kilometres west of Sahiwal.
Further, Kashmiri separatists have hired several open roof tourist buses with signage of "Free Kashmir" and "Modi not welcome".
Nigerian Tribune authoritatively gathered that Salam, who mounted an open roof Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) moved in a convoy, along major streets of his hometown, distributing the items to the people, who struggled to get from the Lipton tea, gala and sweets.
Held on the open roof terraceby the pool at the hotel, the event was attended by a number ofambassadors, media professionals, journalists and food bloggers.
With the sun illuminating the theatre's wooden stage through the open roof, Obama was treated to a short private performance and entertained by a troupe of actors playing violins, mandolins, an accordion and penny whistles.