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Open sight lines are also the earmark of the bedding department, located in the second turn of the racetrack.
It's also a favorite fox and coyote rifle, and I have always used it with a scope, but like some Kimber rifles of yesteryear, it came with fully adjustable open sights.
Though the factory-installed open sights were fuzzy, I managed credible groups and, after some drifting and shimming, a 150-yard zero.
I cut a narrow piece of stiff paper to show him approximately what such a part would look like as it would serve as an interface where the open sight would be cut off and a new scope base attached to it.
As most people realize, our eyes become less capable as we get older and in one fell swoop, it looks like the folks at S&W have designed one of the best open sight systems in the business.
Watch carefully where the scope objective lens comes near the rear open sight.
The gun is cocked by pulling back a serrated handle located behind and below the rear open sight.
The '03 had a barrel-mounted open sight, fully adjustable for windage and elevation, whereas '17s had a peep sight which could be moved for elevation but not for windage.
Pros: Allows precise aiming with minimal weight or bulk; increased depth of field makes it a much better choice than the open sight for farsighted hunters; receiver-mounted style is extremely durable.
The best open sight I have tried is the fully adjustable Williams Slugger, and since it clamps to the ventilated rib of a shotgun barrel, it is easy to install.