Asterisk PBX

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Asterisk PBX

Open source PBX software that runs under Linux and other Unix variants on a variety of hardware, including x86, PowerPC, POWER and Xscale. Supporting traditional telephony (TDM) as well as voice over IP (VoIP), Asterisk is written in C and uses the Unix standard POSIX programming interface to communicate with the operating system.

The IAX Protocol
Asterisk uses its proprietary Inter-Asterisk Exchange (IAX) protocol to initiate calls and send the data. Supporting any type of codec, IAX can be used for video as well as VoIP. All signaling and data ride in UDP packets, and IAX can multiplex multiple data streams between servers (port aggregation).

From Digium Et Al
Developed by Mark Spencer of Digium, Inc. ( and maintained by the company along with the Asterisk community (, a version for Windows that supported only VoIP was developed as a community project, but "AstWind" was later abandoned. Digium also offers a variety of analog and digital telephony interface cards that plug into PCI slots.
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The Resource Hub is aimed at offering detailed knowledge and insights through content that includes educational videos, how to guides, white papers, articles, top tips, plus written and video case studies to help individuals and businesses make sense of everything from open source telephony to enterprise call centre systems.
The adoption of Asterisk based open source telephony solution among the Enterprises and SMBs is growing faster than expected.
India-based Astecs, a leader in end-to-end unified communication, is expanding operations in West Asia and will offer its Asterisk based open source telephony products in Middle East countries.
The open source telephony platform was easily integrated in the infrastructure of our softswitch," said Thilo Salmon, CEO of sipgate.
As the sponsor of Asterisk, we are pleased to see innovative solutions such as 'Magic Button' that extend the capabilities of open source telephony while addressing a clear market need," said Jim Webster, director of technology partnerships for Digium.
The new direction of CfMC's development stream to integrate open source telephony with their interviewing environment will help our drive towards optimal productivity; we are certainly looking forward to playing our part
All of Digium's commercially offered products come with the Exceptional Satisfaction Program(tm) (ESP), the only 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee in the open source telephony world today.
Digium Inc, an open source telephony company, and Critical Links, a networking technology company, announced on Tuesday (24 June) that Digium will be the exclusive vendor of Asterisk-compatible analog and digital PCI and PCIe telephony boards for Critical Links' edgeBOX product line.
the Asterisk(R) company, have announced the successful completion of certification testing of AudioCodes media gateway platforms using Digium's Asterisk Business Edition, the professional grade version of Asterisk, the industry's first open source telephony platform.
the Asterisk[R] Company, today announced that Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems and former CEO of MySQL AB, will deliver the keynote presentation at the eighth annual AstriCon Open Source Telephony Conference and Exhibition 2011, the longest running conference devoted to the Asterisk communications platform.
4 -- *astTECS, an industry leader in end-to-end unified communication and enterprise mobility products based on Asterisk open source telephony solution, today announced that the company is on an aggressive drive to extend its reach and coverage of the IP PBX market by licensing Franchise outlets across the country.
All of Digium's commercially offered products come with the Exceptional Satisfaction Programao (ESP), the only 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee in the open source telephony world today.

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