open-grain, open-grained

Having a coarse texture. Also see coarse-textured, wide-ringed.
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I'd recommend a look at the open-grain wood combined with tan leather.
This observation would explain why tight-grain barrels tend to taste more aromatic (more vessels) and open-grain barrels give more structure (more fibers).
The study shows that tight-grain barrels release a greater quantity of wood aromatics (eugenol, whisky lactones), whereas open-grain barrels release a larger amount of tarmins (ellagitannins).
Open-grain barrels release more toasty/roasted aromas in the early months (furanes, guaiacol and phenols), which then decrease.
However, the curing time can be several days, especially with an open-grain wood such as oak where the stain can sit uncured deep in the pores.
It is believed that the dissolution rate may be affected by the grain structure of the copper because loose, open-grain structures, typically associated with columnar grain morphology, are perceived to dissolve more readily than tighter, fine, equiaxed grain structures.
A porcelain glaze features a whitewashed "hangup" of the glaze in corners and profile recesses, accenting the shape, emphasizing details and enhancing open-grain patterns in the wood.
"Open-grain" woods like oak and walnut have coarse grain lines and a rough texture.
When I shouldered the rimfire M1, I could smell the old familiar Garand scent of linseed oil from its open-grained walnut stock.
Only some oddly open-grained wood trim in black let the side down, even if a step up from the horrid and obviously plastic 'wood' we used to see in upmarket American autos.
You're wasting your time sanding coarse, open-grained woods like ash or oak baby-butt smooth.