opening door

active leaf, active door

In a door having a pair of leaves, that leaf to which the latching or locking mechanism is attached; usually the leaf that is permitted to open first; sometimes both leaves are active.
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References in classic literature ?
Probably an hour had passed without incident when they heard (not without emotion, doubtless) the sound of an opening door in the rear of the house, followed by footfalls in the room adjoining that in which they sat.
ABSORBED in herself, Mercy failed to notice the opening door or to hear the murmur of voices in the conservatory.
Herons came, with a great bold noise as of opening doors and shutters, out of the boughs of a plantation which they frequented at the side of the mead; or, if already on the spot, hardily maintained their standing in the water as the pair walked by, watching them by moving their heads round in a slow, horizontal, passionless wheel, like the turn of puppets by clockwork.
To case access into the vehicle, the body has been fitted with a double opening door on the nearside, measuring 1200mm wide by 1950mm high, and a pull-out side step.
Created by independent educational consultant, teacher coach, and English teacher of 23 years' experience Bob Cox, the Opening Doors to Quality Writing series is intended especially to aid professional educators.
If you just keep opening doors and moving forward, eventually you will arrive someplace worthwhile.
It is one of the highlights of the Agor Drysau Opening Doors Festival which celebrates the best in theatre for younger audiences.
ARTISTS will be converging on Aberystwyth next month for the Opening Doors festival.
Under the auspices of a national demonstration project called Opening Doors, Chaffey developed a program designed to increase probationary students' chances of succeeding in college.
Any potential buyers at the popular Llanishen development Brookthorne Heath, Bellwood Park in the peaceful Whitchurch locationor Prospect Place, the stylish Cardiff Bay apartments, can now benefit from Bellway's 75/25 home purchase scheme, dubbed Opening Doors.
Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) has set up a programme called Opening Doors, including workshops, training, support and information.