opening size

door opening, opening size

The size of the doorframe opening measured from jamb to jamb and from floor line or threshold to head of frame; usually equal to the actual door size plus clearances.
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Round coil wire is crimped by wheel for every opening, which keeps quality standards high, and test runs are conducted and die adjustments are made to maximize the weave and die-making certain the opening stays true to quality standards of the opening size.
The machine's compact, low-profile seal flattening fingers have been improved, while a new, optional, bag opener stretches the bag to an opening size and shape that facilitates filling at rates up to 60 bags per minute.
The roof is made of 20 shiploads of steel, has 200,000 nuts and bolts and has an opening size of 105m x 80m - compared to the pitch's 120m x 79m dimensions.
In this case study, ANSYS Polyflow was used to predict what is the die opening size needed to reach the final catheter diameter.
"If we made the screen opening size too small, sand would block it and suction pressure would decrease," he said.
The incident with the young boy falling out of the window was preventable, but happened because, while window stops were provided to limit the window opening size, the window stops were not routinely checked and maintained to prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches.
Next, check the sleeve installation instructions for the rough opening size. Some manufacturers want a 1-in.
The AC also noted new adapter rings were available, "reducing the opening size from 3" to 2.3" in diameter.
The influence of the crack opening size on mechanical properties of fluid hasn't been indicated in none of these investigations.
This current investigation focuses not on the opening location, but on the effect of building opening size and wind incident angle on wind-driven ventilation using the PIV technique, a novel approach to study such problems.
In Figure 6a, where the opening size is at 2 % wall porosity, the small opening pressure driven jet is still evident.