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Opéra Comique


a French musical theater. Founded in Paris in 1715 as a temporary theater at the St. Germain Fair, it was closed in 1745 and reopened in 1752. In 1762 it merged with the Comédie Italienne theater. It continued its existence under various names, and in 1801, after uniting with the Feydeau Theater, it was again called the Opéra Comique.

At first it staged farces, comedies, vaudevilles, and musical plays; during the French Revolution, it presented the “rescue operas” of such composers as L. Cherubini, J. F. Lesueur, and A. E. Grétry.

The Opéra Comique became a state theater in 1806, and in the 19th century it was an important center for national opera. Among the operas it premiered were Bizet’s Carmen (1875), Delibes’ Lakmé (1883), and Massenet’s Manon (1884); it also staged operas by G. Puccini, R. Strauss, M. Ravel, J. Ibert, D. Milhaud, and A. Roussel.

After World War II, the Opéra Comique staged the works of F. Poulenc, I. Stravinsky, and other modern composers. The theater has staged ballets since the early 20th century. In 1973 it began to serve as an opera studio for young singers, conductors, and stage directors. The present building of the Opéra Comique, built in 1898, was designed by the architect S.-L. Bernier.


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In the meantime, I was engaged at the Opera Comique. There Massenet looked with disfavor upon my debut before that of Sybil Sanderson.
Although Justine Favart is almost certainly responsible for the selection of the vaudeville melodies in Annette et Lubin, as had been the practice of the Opera Comique's authors since the theater's inception, Adolphe Benoit Blaise provided the orchestration of the tunes and composed five new musical numbers (nos.
The issue of matrimony in the theater took center stage--literally--on December 21, 1836, with the premiere of L'ambassadrice at the Opera Comique. (68) The choice of performance location was apt.
Sobretudo no seculo XVIII, surgem, como alternativa a opera, uma serie de tradicoes autoctones de teatro musicado: a zarzuela em Espanha, a opera comique em Franca, a ballad opera em Inglaterra, o Singspiel na Alemanha.
TODAY the Opera Comique is the second auditorium of the French Opera Company.
(2.) On Favart's modifications of Marmontel's story, see Font, Favart, I'opera comique et la comedie-vaudeville aux dix-septieme et dix-huitieme siecles (279-86) Iacuzzi, The European Vogue of Favart; The Diff fusion of the Opera Comique (25-32).
For many a failed opera and opera comique the overture also proved remarkably hardy on booksellers' shelves, a factor that may go some way to account for the reluctance of Auber (and others) to embrace the shorter, iconic prelude as an opera curtain-raiser.
PARIS--The Sixth Paris International Dance Competition will be held at the Opera Comique in Paris from November 30 to December 16.
|I should be resting happily in the only city in the world fit to live in instead of struggling on in a sort of Opera Comique country ...
His fondest dream was to write a serious opera; the one work in which he departed substantially from the frivolous character of his operettas was the opera comique Les Contes d'Hoffmann ( The Tales of Hoffmann ), which was left partly unfinished at his death.
Adolphe Adams Le Postilion de Lonjumeau (1836) is yet another forgotten gem on a string of rare operas seen over the last few years at Paris' Opera Comique. Indeed, its present Director, Olivier Mantei, has been resolute about finding little-known French operas in cardboard boxes, shaking off the dust, and bringing them to the stage of the venerable Salle Favart with repeated success.
His one act "Djaileh" opera comique (a genre of French opera which contains dialogue) was deemed successful for its complicated influential music.