opera glass

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opera glass:

see binocularbinocular,
small optical instrument consisting of two similar telescopes mounted on a single frame so that separate images enter each of the viewer's eyes. As with a single telescope, distant objects appear magnified, but the binocular has the additional advantage that it
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Opera glass hands: the phenotype of arthritis mutilans.
The camera consisted of a box with a lens from an opera glass.
And the opera glass in Mary Cassatt's In the Loge, also from 1878, already functioned as a figure for female visual agency in fashion plates from earlier in the century.
At one point I suggested the set could be a giant opera glass that perched on the stage
Opera Glass shaped with promise on her handicap debut earlier this month and looks the answer to the Weatherbys Bank Fillies' Rated Stakes.
After finishing second or third in four out of five prior starts, Opera Glass finally obliged yesterday over an extended mile, a distance she appeared to relish.