operable wall

operable partition

A partition composed of a number of large panels which are hung from a ceiling track, permitting the panels to be moved easily from their closed position (in which the panels form a partition) to an open position (in which the panels are stacked against each other); the panels also may be supported by a floor track.
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A town hall space has been incorporated complete with tiered seating which when used with an operable wall, the whole space can be opened up to seat 150 staff every 4-6 months.
"This might be for a single unit, like a pivot style front door, or for an entire operable wall, which can be challenging.
Depending upon the space's requirements, Solar can provide ventilation ranging from simple windows to venting skylights, to large operable wall or skylight systems.
When conference rooms, boardrooms, AV centers, or hotel ballrooms "leak noise" from one partitioned space into another, there is often a really simple reason: The operable wall system may not actually be designed to "keep the peace."
3000 Class and 2000 Class operable wall panels offer acoustical ratings up to 55 STC.