operational semantics

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operational semantics

A set of rules specifying how the state of an actual or hypothetical computer changes while executing a program. The overall state is typically divided into a number of components, e.g. stack, heap, registers etc. Each rule specifies certain preconditions on the contents of some components and their new contents after the application of the rule.

It is similar in spirit to the notion of a Turing machine, in which actions are precisely described in a mathematical way.

Compuare axiomatic semantics, denotational semantics.
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The system will change the operational semantics from "reference-point" to "accurate targeting" for optimized mission success.
The topics include data linkage dynamics with shedding, modeling proteolysis from mass spectrometry proteomic data, big-step operational semantics revisited, the asymptotic analysis of a semelparous species model, the logic of persistent intersection, and a computer scientist's guide to the regulation genome.
Other subjects include flexible flow shop scheduling by intelligence multi-agents, operational semantics for ASSL, and extending the UML metamodel to provide support for crosscutting concerns.
Notion of term is presented as a mean for describing processes, axioms are given and operational semantics is assigned to process expressions (terms).
Syntax and semantics of PBC terms are carefully selected to allow to define a transformation yielding P/T nets preserving structural operational semantics of the source terms.
The ontological level forms a bridge between interpretative semantics where users interpret terms and operational semantics where computers handle symbols (Dechilly, 2000).
This thesis defines Defeasible Logic Programming and provides a concrete specification of this new language through its operational semantics.
Defeasible Logic Programming: Definition, Operational Semantics and Parallelism.
WS-Policy provides the missing ingredient in WS-* that will enable interoperable configuration, discovery, and enforcement of advanced operational semantics, such as security, reliability, and transactions," explained Anne Thomas Manes, VP & Research Director at Burton Group.
Other topics include operational semantics for real-time processes with action refinement, verification of an off-line checker for priority queues, control code obfuscation by abstract interpretation, an open source and XML-based platform for rigorous software development, and a synchronous process calculus for service costs.
TTCN is a language specifically designed for testing, and with the new syntax and operational semantics in TTCN-3, the language will be much easier to adopt for software engineers.

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