opiate drug

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opiate drug,

any of a group of drugs derived from opiumopium,
substance derived by collecting and drying the milky juice in the unripe seed pods of the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. Opium varies in color from yellow to dark brown and has a characteristic odor and a bitter taste.
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. Used medicinally to relieve pain and induce sleep, they include codeinecodeine
, alkaloid found in opium. It is a narcotic whose effects, though less potent, resemble those of morphine. An effective cough suppressant, it is mainly used in cough medicines. Like other narcotics, codeine is addictive. See drug addiction and drug abuse.
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, morphinemorphine,
principal derivative of opium, which is the juice in the unripe seed pods of the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. It was first isolated from opium in 1803 by the German pharmacist F. W. A. Sertürner, who named it after Morpheus, the god of dreams.
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, the morphine derivative heroinheroin
, opiate drug synthesized from morphine (see narcotic). Originally produced in 1874, it was thought to be not only nonaddictive but useful as a cure for respiratory illness and morphine addiction, and capable of relieving morphine withdrawal symptoms.
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, and, formerly, laudanumlaudanum
, tincture, or alcoholic solution, of opium, first compounded by Paracelsus in the 16th cent. Not then known to be addictive, the preparation was widely used up through the 19th cent. to treat a variety of disorders.
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. Sometimes included in the group are certain synthetic drugs that have morphinelike pharmacological action. All opiates are considered controlled substances by U.S. law and are available only by prescription. Heroin is not available legally at all in the United States. See also narcoticsnarcotic,
any of a number of substances that have a depressant effect on the nervous system. The chief narcotic drugs are opium, its constituents morphine and codeine, and the morphine derivative heroin.

See also drug addiction and drug abuse.
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Pain specialists and other doctors need to educate themselves regarding the value of medical marijuana for pain control, particularly in regard to reducing the harm caused by opiate drugs.
For example, Worcester received a three year, $300,000 grant to provide educational and other services to opiate drug abusers.
Today, the opium trade has become a multibillion dollar industry in Afghanistan, producing over 90% of all opiate drugs used internationally, according to the UNODC.
She claimed she did not know the powerful opiate drugs, available on prescription in the UK, are illegal in Egypt - where they are a bigger problem than heroin.
Shelinder Aggarwal treated his medical license like a license to deal opiate drugs, said U.
32 kilograms of marijuana, 100 grams of cocaine, 96,420 opiate drugs and two unlicensed gun were seized at the end of the searches.
The current findings represent the first step toward an improved system, as many women who become pregnant while addicted to opiate drugs desire to detox, but aren't given the option, he said.
BREWED heroin could become a terrifying reality within two years following the creation of genetically modified yeast that can be used to make opiate drugs, experts have warned.
However, tolerance to heroin and other opiate drugs appears to be lost fairly rapidly when users cease to use the drug, and deaths commonly occur in people who have previously been tolerant and have returned to using heroin.
Opiate drugs like morphine and its derivatives, including oxycodone and codeine, are the best and most powerful drugs for treating pain, the most common complaint that we have in medicine.
For one thing, DHCB doesn't appear to lose effectiveness with time in the way that traditional opiate drugs do.