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While many elements of the basic horizontally opposed engine configuration has remained unchanged over the years, it's also true that improvements have been made to increase reliability and extend the published time between overhauls (TBO) to almost double that of the original specifications.
The Porsche 959 is equipped with a 2.85-liter opposed engine with two turbochargers installed in series.
It carries a new direct fuel-injection two-litre Boxer horizontally opposed engine that is 12kg lighter than the previous unit and now capable of 115kW at 6000rpm and 196Nm at 4200rpm.
Whereas the rear-drive Beetle had an air-cooled, horizontally opposed engine in the rear of the vehicle, when the Golf arrived, it featured a water-cooled, inline engine transversely located upfront, driving the front wheels.
The horizontally opposed engine emits a fair amount of noise under pressure, but I suspect this will add, rather than detract from the sporty coupe for those interested in this type of car.
The four-wheel drive with a 2000 cc horizontally opposed engine has a fuel efficiency of 15.8 kilometers per liter, it said.
Toyota 86's 2.0-litre, naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine has a horizontally opposed engine and Toyota's cutting edge D-4S injection system that incorporates both direct and port injection.
Adoption of a package consisting of the world's only horizontally opposed engine coupled to an ultra-low-center-of-gravity (460 mm) rear-wheel-drive system offers fun driving at a level unprecedented in earlier sports cars.
Costing from pounds 28,995, the Tribeca has a three-litre 245bhp six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine, five-speed automatic gearbox and full-time symmetrical all-wheel drive.
Under the hood is 137-horsepower worth of 2.2-liter horizontally opposed engine, with four-wheel independent suspension and a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system.
Probably, the prototype will be equipped with a 3.8-liter opposed engine, the output of which is 385 horsepower, and a six-step "robot" PDK with two clutches.
A lightweight (3,000 pounds) Model L (soon renamed the Model LA) was produced with a 15 hp, 2-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine. The opposed engine didn't work out, but the lightweight, 2-cylinder design seemed ideal, so by 1914 Louis B.