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see moodmood
or mode,
in verb inflection, the forms of a verb that indicate its manner of doing or being. In English the forms are called indicative (for direct statement or question or to express an uncertain condition, e.g.
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In the Athapaskan language Slave (Rice 1989:1259-1261), purpose constructions are marked by the complementizer gha and the use of optative mood on the verb of the purpose clause, as illustrated in (18) below, where the verb 'eat' in the clause denoting the purpose is marked as optative.
The "right of forgetting" entails not the citizen's obligation to remember to forget evil, but a "wish in the optative mood to .
The optative mood (modus optativus), which shows that something is wished, desired, for example, I should beg, you should beg, he should beg, we should beg, they should beg.