optical bands

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optical bands

The spectrum for transmission in singlemode optical fibers has been broken into the following wavelength ranges, or bands. Typically, the wavelengths transmitted in multimode fibers are around 850 and 1310 nm, known originally as first window and second window. See satellite frequency bands.

                    Wavelength Range Band    Name       In Nanometers (nm)

 O-band  Original      1260 - 1360

 E-band  Extended      1360 - 1460

 S-band  Short         1460 - 1530

 C-band  Conventional  1530 - 1565

 L-band  Long          1565 - 1625

 U-band  Ultra-long    1625 - 1675
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g] is the optical band gap and m determines the type of optical transitions and for direct transitions, m = 1/2 and 2, for indirect transitions m = 2 and 3.
The optical band gap and width of localized states values of the poly(3-thiophene boronic acid) were found to be 1.