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This unusual switching behavior may make GFP a useful material for optical data storage, the researchers suggest.
The 4-D optical data storage system (the fourth dimension is wavelength) can store up to |10.sup.15~ bits/|cm.sup.3~, which is |10.sup.4~ times greater than other optical methods and |10.sup.7~ times more dense than magnetic disk systems.
Additionally, HSM will be part of a new research consortium to develop a new optical data storage DVD, dubbed D-Light.
One feature that's important for possible optical data storage use, he notes, is the system's high optical quality.
Wn chemist Tuan Vo-Dinh of Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory began work on a new soil analysis system for the Environmental Protection Agency, he had no idea that the underlying principle, known as Raman scattering, held potential for an innovative optical data storage technology.
"We're also studying using photochromic molecules to make optical switches and optical data storage devices."