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effects of dispersion in optical fibre including the limitation on maximum bit rate
Optical loss: Principles and effects of scattering, absorption, connector and bending loss in optical fibre
the minimum loss window: loss characteristics of medium and high quality optical fibre
provides an introduction to the principles of optical fibre transmission, describes the components of passive optical links and discusses the testing and maintaining of optical fibre links.
Technical personnel involved in the design, installation, testing or maintenance of optical fibre
Supported by research collaborations with technical universities and a cache of 9 international patent families, 6 granted patents and 29 patent applications, Liekki has a strong IP portfolio including both core patents for its nanotechnology process as well as key patents for optical fibres and their applications.
Overall, Liekki's outstanding level of innovation and leadership for technology development in the field of doped optical fibres using nanotechnology-enabled processes underlines the company's selection as the Award recipient," concludes Mr.
Optical Fibres, located in Deeside, North Wales, produces single-mode optical fiber for optical cable manufacturers worldwide.

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