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Microscopy devices can be divided into several different classes based on what interacts with the sample to generate the image, i.e., light or photons (optical microscopes), electrons (electron microscopes) or a probe (scanning probe microscopes).
Scattered light usually reduces the resolution of conventional optical microscopes. But UT-researchers have found a simple and efficient way to actively use scattered light to improve the resolution of images.
Those connections transferred the images of the standard optical microscopes where viewing is done one person at a time onto the laptop computer screens allowing Dry to instruct multiple students simultaneously from the enlarged image.
Traditional optical microscopes used to inspect PCBs for over half a century are being replaced with high-resolution cameras, high-definition monitors and user-friendly interfaces.
They found ways to use molecules that glow on demand to overcome what was considered a fundamental limitation for optical microscopes.
Table 1 Market for compound optical microscopes in Mexico, 2007-2013 (US dollars)
Biology labs in most schools are equipped with optical microscopes, which use pieces of curved glass called lenses to focus light waves.
Optical microscopes are limited to resolutions of about 1 micrometer because of the way light waves diffract when they pass through an aperture.
Plasmonic metamaterials could make optical microscopes 10 times more powerful and able to see objects as small as DNA; advanced sensors; new types of light-harvesting systems for more efficient solar cells; computers and consumer electronics that use light instead of electronic signals to process information; and a cloak of invisibility.