optical sensing

optical sensing,

in general, any method by which information that occurs as variations in the intensity, or some other property, of light is translated into an electric signal. This is usually accomplished by the use of various photoelectric devices. In one method, known as optical character recognition, a computer is given the capability of "reading" printed characters. Reflected or transmitted light from the character strikes an array of photoelectric cells, which effectively dissect it into light and dark areas. By analysis of these areas the computer is able to recognize the character, with some tolerance for less than perfect and uniform printing. Optical sensing is also used in various pattern-recognition systems, e.g., in military reconnaissance and astronomical observation; it is also used in photographic development, to enhance detail and contrast.
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"The IDQI aims to address this issue, using Distributed Optical Sensing data to develop algorithms capable of performing automated analyses on digital exploration and production datasets.
Ocean Optics is now Ocean Insight, to represent its evolution from one of many suppliers of spectroscopy products to a company that offers an extended range of optical sensing solutions, as well as application consultancy, custom system design, and manufacturing expertise.
The physicists are also exploring the femtosecond laser's capability in fabricating and packaging photonic integrated circuits (PICs), an emerging technology with applications ranging from communications to optical sensing.
Micron Optics' optical sensing and tunable filter products make impossible measurements possible, revealing new, critical information for infrastructure, energy, transportation, medical and industrial sectors.
The researchers note that the device includes multiple isolated micro-well reaction zones and integrated optical sensing allowing simultaneous enzyme-based assays of multiple metabolites associated with diseases.
Their angular accuracy of up to [+ or -]0.15[degrees] ensures absolute reliability and precise positioning for process control applications which previously required optical sensing. https://www.baumer.com/ch/en/product-overview/rotary-encoders-angle-sensors/industrial-encoders-absolute/c/313
Sensors Expo & Conference took place June 26-28 in San Jose, CA, with conference tracks spanning technologies from energy harvesting to optical sensing. The conference was accompanied by four preconference symposia and two co-located events, Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Conference and Medical Sensors Design Conference.
Most diagnostic devices today use optical sensing, which measures aggregate light from populations of targets.
Sensors are moving from optical sensing into more magnetic sensing to achieve greater reliability.
The optical sensing signal returned by Rayleigh backscattering is converted into an electrical waveform in a PIN photodetector.
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Different types of humidity sensors based on fiber optical sensing have been proposed, such as polymer-coated Bragg grating fiber [1], long period fiber gratings (LPFG) [2], agarose-infiltrated photonic crystal fiber (PCF) interferometers [3], nonadiabatic tapered fiber coated with PDDA/Poly-R-478 film [4], U-shaped fiber coated by phenol red-dopedPMMA[5], and interference structures [6].

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