optical sensing

optical sensing,

in general, any method by which information that occurs as variations in the intensity, or some other property, of light is translated into an electric signal. This is usually accomplished by the use of various photoelectric devices. In one method, known as optical character recognition, a computer is given the capability of "reading" printed characters. Reflected or transmitted light from the character strikes an array of photoelectric cells, which effectively dissect it into light and dark areas. By analysis of these areas the computer is able to recognize the character, with some tolerance for less than perfect and uniform printing. Optical sensing is also used in various pattern-recognition systems, e.g., in military reconnaissance and astronomical observation; it is also used in photographic development, to enhance detail and contrast.
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Osram, which makes sensor lights for use in autonomous vehicles, sees an advantage in teaming up with LeddarTech's optical sensing technology, which harnesses solid-state LiDAR.
The sensor we are developing for RAM Group can be used in two different ways: 100 percent optical sensing or one that combines optical sensing with an electronic sensor, Prof.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Optical Sensing Interrogator
The companies have been chosen to provide conductive plastic for an EMI shielding application in an automotive optical sensing system.
Integral Technologies Inc (OTC-PK:ITKG) and its ElectriPlast Corporation wholly owned subsidiary on Monday jointly received an agreement for the supply of its conductive plastic ElectriPlast for an EMI shielding application in an automotive optical sensing system from a Global Tier 1.
The last 2-3 years, a PANDA ring resonator system has been proposed as an optical sensing system which can be developed and applied to a variety of applications such as distributed sensors [8], molecular sensors [9], gas sensors [10], and force sensing device which is a new sensing device for a force sensing application [11].
Utilizing transmissive optical sensing technology, they support applications requiring up to 2000 pulses per revolution and are available in both single ended and differential signal outputs for applications where noise immunity is critical.
Micron Optics' optical sensing and tunable filter products make impossible measurements possible, revealing new, critical information for infrastructure, energy, transportation, medical and industrial sectors.
The strategic acquisition extends ams' market leadership in advanced optical sensors and strengthens ams' position in emerging optical sensing applications.
com)-- IRsweep is a company which is justifiably proud of the company's recently-established pedigree in designing and manufacturing accurate and reliable optical sensing technology solutions.
The yarn clearers 3N1 and 1N1 from Loepfe utilize an optical sensing technology and are able to detect yarn faults in a very reliable way.
As DAS technology relies on optical sensing, it is free from any electromagnetic interference as well as the risk of electric hazards which affect electrical sensing systems.

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