optical smoke detector

photoelectric smoke detector

A sensor used to initiate a fire alarm when smoke reduces the light received by a photoelectric cell in a device containing a light source; most effective in the early detection of fires in the smoldering stage.
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Dismantling And Disposal Optical Smoke Detector, Hand Detectors, Sirens, Cables And Wires, 960 M Nym-J On Cable Tray, 670M Nym-J In Outgoing.
00:26Z 2600 SMOKE LAVATORY SMOKE: Optical smoke detector in toilet.
An optical smoke detector, distress alarm, SOS strobe and powerful LED torch all in one.
Tenders invited for Testing,inspection and supply and warranty of optical smoke detector and multi sensor detector
- extension bma, Make esser mandatory, - integration in higher-level bma primary ring via fiber optic converter, - 1 bmz with rings, With f30 wall housing, - 30 pieces of fire department running cards, - 8 pcs ap manual call points, - 65 pcs optical smoke detector with socket, - 15 st.
fire brigade information center 136 st0 optical smoke detector 59 pcs.
Tenders are invited for Analog Addressable Optical Smoke Detector
steel frame doors 1-wing, - 16 pcs optical smoke detectors, - 12 push-buttons for locking door systems, - 12 pieces of sheet steel doors 1-wing, - 1 internal staircase 6 steel steel substructure with railing, - 4 pcs fall protection railing on window hinges.
Instead optical smoke detectors were adopted as the most common solution.
Optical smoke detectors emit a beam of infrared or ultraviolet light which is either received by a separate device or reflected back.
Fortunately, optical smoke detectors are now available that can be tested by the so-called flashing-light method.
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