optical smoke detector

photoelectric smoke detector

A sensor used to initiate a fire alarm when smoke reduces the light received by a photoelectric cell in a device containing a light source; most effective in the early detection of fires in the smoldering stage.
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00:26Z 2600 SMOKE LAVATORY SMOKE: Optical smoke detector in toilet.
An optical smoke detector, distress alarm, SOS strobe and powerful LED torch all in one.
1 st fire alarm panel 5 st thermodifferential detector 302 st optical smoke detector 40 st multi-sensor detector 303 st multi-sensor detector (integrated warning tone / integrated strobe light) 16 st ventilation duct detector 1 st fire department deployment center 6 st fire department display panel 7 st combination warning sounder 11 st smoke suction system with approx.
Tenders are invited for Addressable Type Optical Smoke Detector
Tenders are invited for Supply of Optical Smoke Detector
lights / safety lights / pictograms, 5 pcs emergency call system handicapped wc; 1 pc sat distribution system with parabolic mirror, optical distribution, 150 connections; 1 fire alarm system with 31 ring lines, 1,330 optical smoke detectors, 915 signal transmitters, 22 19 "computer distribution boards with 940 data ports, 26 power distribution boards, 15,000 m disassembly of electrical installations (lights, switches, tracks, systems).
Instead optical smoke detectors were adopted as the most common solution.
Optical smoke detectors emit a beam of infrared or ultraviolet light which is either received by a separate device or reflected back.
Fortunately, optical smoke detectors are now available that can be tested by the so-called flashing-light method.
wired smoke alarm system: 130 st base sounder, 270 optical smoke detectors, 3500 m fire alarm cable.
Fire alarm / fire control center for 4 fire fighting areas 20 optical smoke detectors bottle battery inert gas with 32 bottles of nitrogen, Capacity 700 kg approx.
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