optical zoom

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optical zoom

Changing the focal length of a camera by adjusting the physical zoom lens. All zoom lenses in film cameras and digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are optical zoom. Digital point-and-shoot cameras as well as consumer and prosumer video camcorders have optical zoom, but they also have digital zoom.

Digital Is Software Zoom
At the telephoto side of the camera, the computer takes over and interpolates the results. For example, a still camera may have 3x optical zoom in the lens, but can process the image with its internal computer to 10x. Depending on the camera and subject matter, the software-created digital zoom can be quite acceptable or mediocre.

The Higher the Optical, the Better
The higher the optical zoom, the better the results. In a still camera, an optical zoom of 10x or more is called a "superzoom" lens. Note that if a still camera is advertised with "10x zoom," that does not necessarily mean optical zoom only. In many cases, the optical is 3x with the additional 7x being digital.

With camcorders, the optical zoom typically ranges from 10x to 64x, while the digital zoom can go from 100x to 1000x. See digital camera.
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Samsung has reportedly successfully developed a 5x optical zoom camera module that's thinner than the 2x zoom modules used in the market today.
The compact Galaxy S4 Zoom's bestA[degrees]inA[degrees]class 10x Optical Zoom and 16MP BSI CMOS Sensor allows users to capture images from far away or up close and personal, in all light conditions.
It has 4x optical zoom and 3.1 megapixels, boosted to 6 by Super CCD SR technology.
Only 0.5-inch thick, it sports a 3x zoom lens--made possible by the same revolutionary, folded 3x optical zoom lens as the DiMAGE X.
It seems that the South Korean company is looking to improve on the features as a new patent shows the S-Pen housinglenses for optical zoom and a key to control the functionality.
It's important to note that while Apple is working on these new technologies for a 2019 iPhone model, Huawei has already introduced an Android smartphone that has the same camera setup and 3x optical zoom capabilities.
The X-S1 offers a high-quality Fujinon 26x optical zoom lens as well as the EXR sensor taken from the X10.
It incorporates a progressive scan CCD camera with 850,000 pixels, 16X optical zoom, USB 2.0 image capture and a plug-in mouse for annotation and controlling image functions.
The camera features 25X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom.
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