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Second, there exist literatures on the optimal funding policies under the continuous time model, which assume the value of the project is uncertain and follows a geometric Brownian motion and dealing with the decision making process in VC-projects pleads for the application of the real option approach. Dixit and Pindyck [11] answer the important questions about investment decisions and the behavior of investment spending.
Wei, "A novel modeling based real option approach for CCS investment evaluation under multiple uncertainties," Applied Energy, vol.
The real option approach is not widely used in business practice, despite the advice given in the academic literature to incorporate it in the assessment of a project.
An obvious drawback to the Option approach is that there could be a lack of urgency on behalf of the developer, even if there are obligations to avoid this included in the agreement.
The real option approach is borrowed from the widely used method for valuing financial options (Faulkner 1996).
The value of management flexibility--a real option approach to investment evaluation.
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In 2005, Philips LightLabs and university researchers decided to develop a new option approach through "learning by doing," alternating between theory and application.
However, investment in liquid reserves resulting from speculative demand for money may be assessed by usage a call option approach. In his paper, each of the above-mentioned aspects of liquidity was taken into consideration and presented.