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(ō`pəs) [Lat.,=work], in music, term used in cataloging a composer's works, designating either a single composition or a group published together or considered a unit. Opus numbers assigned by the composer are of greater value than those assigned by the publisher. Beethoven was the first composer whose use of opus numbers was consistent enough to be of value.


(usually followed by a number) a musical composition by a particular composer, generally catalogued in order of publication


(project, product)
A Honeywell operating system promised as a sop to customers after canning Multics in 1985. Opus was to provide everything Multics had and more, plus total compatibility with the Level 6/DPS6 operating system.

"Opus" was a code name, the system was officially named VS3 (short for HVS R3 or Honeywell Virtual System Release Three). It was to run on the DPS6-plus hardware known internally as the MRX and HRX, and be all things to all people.

The hardware was a dud (though it did run the native DPS6 software just fine), and the goal was, shall we say, ambitious. The effort was cancelled by Bull in 1987, in favor of another project going on in France.
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Valencia Gateway, a series of business and industrial parks along the I-5, has begun a ``prime target area'' for Opus, company Vice President Gary Toeller said.
Anyway, I find myself sitting recently at a new Westside restaurant, with Opus One winemaker Michael Silacci and two other Opus One representatives, sipping seven vintages of the Mondavi-Rothschild joint venture (now Constellation-Rothschild) claret dating back to the first one produced, the 1979.
Some Opus Dei members wear a spiked garter on their leg to try and get closer to God.
In addition to members there are Co-operators, who help Opus Dei by prayer, by involvement in its activities, and sometimes financially.
But Opus insisted that he should be put on a higher commercial rate and charged 17.
Far from being just another religious bookstore, the Catholic Information Center is, in fact, a prominent American outpost for Opus Dei, an organization much in the news lately.
John Hooper in The New Spaniards expresses the basic reason many people believe Opus Dei is secretive:
Opus Dei has unquestionably gotten a lot of bad press, originally because of the prominence of some members in Franco's cabinet toward the end of his regime.
The American firm is one of the world's largest insurance brokers, while Opus has become a well-known name in the insurance business in the UK, providing insurance cover to the likes of the Millennium Stadium and Wales Millennium Centre.
The first project to be undertaken by Clarett, through its multi-year joint venture with Prudential Real Estate Investors (PREI), known as Clarett Capital, LLC, OPUS is slated for occupancy by early 2005.
As a forward to Opus 37, Takacs writes, "Far have I traveled, from the rugged Scottish highland to the tropical-exuberant South Seas, and everywhere music has provided a friendly welcome for me.
A Gold, Silver, Bronze and three Honorable Mention Magnum Opus awards will be given in each category.