or equal

approved equal

Material, equipment, or method approved by the architect for use in the work, 1 as being acceptable as an equivalent in essential attributes to the material, equipment, or method specified in the contract documents.
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Let P be a semigroup and [phi] = I [subset or equal to] P.
P I [subset or equal to] I, IP [subset or equal to] I
a [member of] T and For a partially ordered semigroup for H [subset or equal to] P, we have
Elevation/depression 2 contiguous (side by side) leads ([greater than or equal to] 1 mm)
The cumulative distribution function of X is F(x) = Pr{X [less than or equal to] x}.
for max[0, n - N + k] [less than or equal to] x [less than or equal to] min[k, n].
for x [greater than or equal to] 0 and [alpha] > 0.