or equal

approved equal

Material, equipment, or method approved by the architect for use in the work, 1 as being acceptable as an equivalent in essential attributes to the material, equipment, or method specified in the contract documents.
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(i) A neutrosophic crisp pre-open set (briefly NCP-OS) [3] if A [subset or equal to] NCcl (NCcl(A)).
(ii) A neutrosophic crisp semi-open set (briefly NCS-OS) [3] if A [subset or equal to] NCcl(NCintCA)).
5/3(z/5 - 400) [less than or equal to] 15(600 - z/5) [??] z [less than or equal to] 2900
5/3(2/5 - 400) [less than or equal to] 2/3 1050 [??] z [less than or equal to] 4100
In particular for every integer k [greater than or equal to] 8 for a very general degree k hypersurface X [subset] [P.sup.5] and any integral curve D [subset] X, we have deg(D) [less than or equal to] 2[??] - 2, where [??] is the geometric genus of D ([31], [32, Theorem 3.9]).
For any set S [subset or equal to] [P.sup.5] let (S) denote its linear span.
Inspired by these results, we construct injective hulls in the category of posemigroups and submultiplicative order-preserving mappings with respect to certain class [E.sub.[less than or equal to]] of morphisms in this work.
As usual, a posemigroup (S, *, [less than or equal to]) is a semigroup (S, *) equipped with a partial ordering [less than or equal to] which is compatible with the semigroup multiplication, that is, [a.sub.1][a.sub.2] [less than or equal to] [b.sub.1][b.sub.2] whenever [a.sub.1] [less than or equal to] [b.sub.1] and [a.sub.2] [less than or equal to] [b.sub.2], for any [a.sub.1], [a.sub.2], [b.sub.1], [b.sub.2] [member of] S.
A semigroup S is said to be a partially ordered semigroup, or to be partially ordered, if it admits a compatible ordering [less than or equal to]; that is, [less than or equal to] is a partial order on S such that ([for all] a, b [member of] S, x [member of] [S.sub.1]) a [less than or equal to] b [right arrow] xa [less than or equal to] xb and ax [less than or equal to] bx.
As usual, [less than or equal to] denotes the natural partial order on S.
[k.sup.+]-face), or [k.sup.-]-vertex, if d(x) = k, d(x) [greater than or equal to] k, or d(x) [less than or equal to] k.
The tallest heights of S wave in V1 and R wave in V5 or 6 were summed to render Sokolow-Lyon voltage amplitude (SLVA) [18, 19], and SLVA [greater than or equal to] 35mm was used to define LVH [23].