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a genus of plants of the family Chenopodiaceae. They are annual or perennial herbs, subshrubs, and shrubs. The plants have alternate leaves which are often covered with a mealy bloom (as is the stem). The flowers are unisexual, on monoecious, rarely dioecious, plants; they are gathered into small clusters, forming spicate or paniculate inflorescences. The staminate flowers are five-membered; the pistillate flowers generally do not have a perianth. The fruit is indehiscent and monospermous.

There are approximately 200 species of Atriplex, distributed in temperate and subtropical zones. More than 35 species are found in the USSR. Common orache (Atriplex patula) and the species A. nitens, which are both annuals, grow along fields, orchards, gardens, and vacant lots. The species A. tatarica grows on saline soil and among plantings of cotton. In Middle Asia, species of A triplex serve as feed for camels. Distributed in saline deserts and semideserts are the subshrubs A. alba, a good fuel and a pasture feed for camels in the winter and fall, and A. verrucifera (often included in the genus Halimione), which serves as feed for sheep and beef cattle. Garden orache, or French spinach (A. hortensis), is raised as an ornamental; its leaves, as well as those of A. tatarica and A. nitens, are sometimes used as food. Plants of the genus Chenopodium are often called Atriplex.


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Orache, by Barcelona's Mal Pelo (the name translates as "street urchin"), was an invigorating Spanish twist on Bill T.
Along with a variety of lettuces, they grow a wide range of specialty greens, such as amaranth, arugula, garden purslane, 'Red Giant' mustard, mizuna, red orache, red perilla (shiso), 'Guilio' radicchio, and tatsoi, and more herbs than you thought existed.
Ar ran ucha'r traeth roedd y llygwyn (Atriplex patula; common orache) yn tyfu ac roedd y llanw newydd droi gan adael yr hen wymon yn sypiau gwlyb a bler ar y ben ucha'r traeth.
Roedd ambell i gwch a'i phen i waered a'r llygwyn (Atriplex prostrata, orache) yn tyfu wrth ei hymyl.
(orache) are halophytes that inhabit inland and coastal salt marshes (Gleason and Cronquist 1991) where they are subjected to seasonal changes in water level due to precipitation in the colder months and dehydration in the summer months.