oral contraceptive

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oral contraceptive:

see birth controlbirth control,
practice of contraception for the purpose of limiting reproduction. Methods of Birth Control

Male birth control methods include withdrawal of the male before ejaculation (the oldest contraceptive technique) and use of the condom, a rubber sheath
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oral contraceptive

[′ȯr·əl ‚kän·trə′sep·tiv]
Any medication taken by mouth that renders a woman nonfertile as long as the medication is continued.
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For a patient beginning oral contraceptives, it's not necessary to perform a pelvic exam or obtain a Pap smear before initiating the COC, but it is important to obtain a thorough medical history and an accurate blood pressure measurement at the outset, she noted.
Oral contraceptives do not appear to play a role hemorrhagic strokes, caused by bleeding on the brain, but have been shown somewhat consistently to play a role ischemic strokes, which are caused by blood clots.
About nine per cent of women of reproductive age worldwide use oral contraceptives, rising to 18 per cent of women in developed countries and 28 per cent of women in the UK.
For women with migraine without aura, WHO and ACOG have cited no contraindication against oral contraceptives as long as patients are under 35 years of age.
This study is different from our study that showed different findings and it is only comparing oral contraceptive user as compared to control.
Ovulation rates in the lifestyle intervention group and the combination therapy group were significantly higher (60% and 67%, respectively) than in the oral contraceptives (OC) group (46%), Dr.
Current oral contraceptive status and periodontitis in young adults.
The study was conducted in 2010 in Tanzanian drug shops that were accredited to dispense combination oral contraceptives to women after assessing their eligibility.
Oral contraceptive is the only medication associated with developing alveolar osteitis following extraction of teeth.
Key Words: Oral contraceptive, Combined oral contraceptive, Lipid profile.
2010;59:322-329) provided useful resources, but there were errors in the list of medications cited among those that decrease the efficacy of oral contraceptives in Table 2 on page 327.
Norethindrone tablets are a progestin-only oral contraceptive indicated for the prevention of pregnancy.