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The introduction of a tube into a hollow organ to keep it open, especially into the larynx to ensure the passage of air.



the introduction of a special tube into the larynx through the mouth for the purpose of eliminating respiratory disruption in burns, certain traumas, severe spasms of the larynx, laryngeal diphtheria, and acute, rapidly resolvable (for example, allergic) laryngeal edemas. Intubation may sometimes replace tracheotomy. In order to avoid the danger of asphyxiation, the tube is usually withdrawn and the patient transfers to normal respiration.

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Oral intubation per se interferes with checking the dental occlusion, while nasotracheal intubation is usually contraindicated in the presence of nasal bone fractures present in isolation or as a component of LeFort fractures.
Simple Pearson's correlation was used for the study of the possible association and interrelationships between first tooth eruption and factors that might have an influence on teething (sex, gestational age, birth weight neonatal sepsis, history of oral intubation, use of total parenteral nutrition).
Different techniques are described in literature with the most common being oral intubation and placement of cuff distal to the fistula.
Although an antiemetic drug (Metoclopramide) was administered to patients in the preoperative period nausea and vomiting was observed in both the nasal intubation and oral intubation groups at a level that could not be ignored.
As surface anaesthesia does not abolish the gag reflex the patient may still gag if subjected to mechanical stimulation especially during oral intubation.
The patient was brought to the operating room, and an awake tracheostomy was performed because the tight stenosis precluded oral intubation.
Age, gender, oral intubation time, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) II parameters, and arterial blood gas values were recorded 90 min before and 90 min after the procedure.
Awake oral Intubation was done under direct laryngoscopy using 5.
One metal sphere was placed into the crop of each bird by oral intubation with a number 8 French rubber catheter.
The airway was subsequently secured uneventfully via oral intubation.