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The introduction of a tube into a hollow organ to keep it open, especially into the larynx to ensure the passage of air.



the introduction of a special tube into the larynx through the mouth for the purpose of eliminating respiratory disruption in burns, certain traumas, severe spasms of the larynx, laryngeal diphtheria, and acute, rapidly resolvable (for example, allergic) laryngeal edemas. Intubation may sometimes replace tracheotomy. In order to avoid the danger of asphyxiation, the tube is usually withdrawn and the patient transfers to normal respiration.

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Also, the prevalence of orodental injuries during oral intubation was evaluated in these patients.
3% carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) solution and given to rats of the Res30 and Res70 groups once a day at 8:00 am for 4 weeks by oral intubation at a dose of 30 and 70 mg/kg body weight, respectively.
The patient was brought to the operating room, and an awake tracheostomy was performed because the tight stenosis precluded oral intubation.
Clearly the route of administration plays a role in tumorigenesis because BaP induces lung tumors when administered by intraperitoneal injection or oral intubation, at least in a susceptible strain of mice (7,8).
All medical technology students had to learn how to do basal metabolisms, oral intubation for gastric analysis, histological procedures, and ECGs.
One metal sphere was placed into the crop of each bird by oral intubation with a number 8 French rubber catheter.
The airway was subsequently secured uneventfully via oral intubation.