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(ôräl`), formerly


(yo͝orălsk`, Rus. o͞orälsk`), city (1989 pop. 199,835), NW Kazakhstan, on the Ural River. Among its industries are the repair of agricultural equipment, grain processing, and tanning. It was founded as Uralsk in 1622 by the Ural Cossacks, who fought with Stenka Razin in the uprising of 1667 and against the Bolsheviks in 1918–19. It was an important trade center on the border of European Russia and Kazakhstan.


Of or pertaining to the mouth.


1. relating to, affecting, or for use in the mouth
2. of or relating to the surface of an animal, such as a jellyfish, on which the mouth is situated
3. denoting a drug to be taken by mouth
4. Psychoanal
a. relating to a stage of psychosexual development during which the child's interest is concentrated on the mouth
b. denoting personality traits, such as dependence, selfishness, and aggression, resulting from fixation at the oral stage
5. an examination in which the questions and answers are spoken rather than written
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3,4 The most common histological type of oral cancer is squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) which attributes to 80-90% of malignant oral neoplasms.
SCCs account for 25% of canine oral neoplasms and may arise from virtually any surface in oral cavity, including the gingiva, tongue, tonsils, pharynx, lips and buccal mucosa (Meuten, 2002).