order form

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order form

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Ask them to confirm that the price will not be discounted before the delivery date and again write this on the order form and get them to sign next to it.
Postal orders must be submitted with a completed order form and a cheque or postal order for the correct amount to cover postage of PS3.
An illustrated order form across the bottom of page 8--which is in addition to the more detailed, benefit-laden order form on a separate sheet in the package.
Here is the order form again, along with details of where to send it in order to claim your free 10x8in print of The Burges in Coventry from the 1930s.
See "Good Form," page 62, for a copy and detailed description of Morse Constructions' purchase order form.
The tech entered a description of actual service performed on the hard copy service order form along with hours worked and any materials or supplies used to complete the work.
If the physician did not change the recommendations of BloodLink, we labeled the order form as compliant.
And soon the bookstore was unnecessary because the clients became all the same, spotless order forms from a spreadsheet, the fields marked * required.
Avoid the word "Download": Use explicit terms like "buy" or "order online" for buttons that link to an order form, says Frostad.
In fact, a carefully planned, properly designed order form can be the most profitable square inches in your catalog.
Simply download the order form and fax or mail the entry to Sunstone Circuits by June 29, 2011.
Lot 1 delivery time from the transmission of the order form 10% -