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James Rivers, 26, of Folkstone Close, Hemlington, given a six-month community order and ordered to pay PS85 costs and PS85 charges for breaching a restraining order.
Curfew order for six weeks and ordered to pay PS690 costs, PS60 victim surcharge and PS50 compensation.
"Reg ordered rum, Mel,"--sadistic, illicit Sid--"as Lem murdered Roger"
The Court in Wilson expressly refused to answer the question of whether an officer could direct the passenger - once ordered out of the vehicle - to remain at the scene for the duration of the routine traffic stop.
Lee Gray, 30, of Ainsworthy Way, Ormesby, given a 12-month community order, ordered to pay PS40 compensation and ordered to pay PS85 costs for theft.
SIA also ordered 11 A320s plus nine options to be delivered to regional affiliate SilkAir from 2009 to 2012 and said it is planning to lease 19 A330-300s.
A survey ordered by the Bank determined that some of the property securing the loan had been sold, with no record of the sale in the Bank's loan file.
"Reg ordered no Prell or a roller," pondered Roger.
* Shandong Huarum ordered a Headbox Screening System from Andritz's Fiber Preparation Systems Division for its four-ply white top and gypsum board machine.
Under a 1995 divorce judgment, Richard Czepiel was ordered to pay, "as a further division of the marital property," $29,000 to his ex-wife Kathleen.
In 1994, almost half of the 30 million African American population ordered merchandise from catalogs, while 14% ordered from televised home shopping programs, according to DMA spokesperson Christina Duffney.
Because the taxpayer had shown irreparable harm and the lack of adequate legal remedy, the district court ordered the IRS to disclose the written questions for the purpose of allowing the taxpayer to introduce evidence on the issue of the IRS's likelihood of prevailing on the merits.