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Not ordering others around, and also not being ordered around by others.
Elway didn't want to be owned by Robert Irsay or ordered around by coach Frank Kush and in the end he got his way; on May 2, 1983, he was traded to Denver for quarterback Mark Hermann, offensive tackle Chris Hinton and a first-round draft pick that turned out to be Ron Solt.
The two most well-mannered teams will be ordered around by the strictest referee, Mike Reed, and in those circumstances it is even more difficult than usual to anticipate precisely what will happen.
Called Sitefinders, the service offers lists of sites ordered around domain names specially purchased for the purpose.
With its complex vocabulary of interacting courts, galleries, terraces and platforms, the entire ensemble exhibits all the density and diversity of a traditional city yet this prodigious anthill of activity is resolutely ordered around humane and civilising principles.