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The litany is identical, with the obvious exception of the use of the feminine form when referring to the ordinand in the sixth petition.
This understanding of the substance of the faith has particular importance at ordinations to the eldership and ministry in the church, where the ordinand subscribes to the confession of faith and has liberty of opinion in all matters that do not enter into "the substance of the faith"--a substance that in many respects remains undefined--and where attempts to seek such a definition have been resisted.
Ayla Lepine is an ordinand at Westcott House and a Trustee of ACE
JEREMY Cooper is the latest ordinand from the diocese to become a deacon, having trained on the Newcastle Diocesan OLM Training Scheme for the last two years.
Another example is that of the ordinand who is employed within a congregation or project, and studies part time.
How clearly does an epicletic prayer during the laying-on of hands express that ordination, carried out by the church, is an act of God, who equips the ordinand by the power of the Holy Spirit?
Australian actor Jesse Spencer, known to fans as Billy Kennedy in Neighbours, plays Raphael, the young ordinand whose mysterious past will open a Pandora's box from which no one is safe.
At the same time, it insisted that apostolic practice required that at this "installation/ordination" three bishops must lay hands on the ordinand, and one of them must stand in the "historic episcopate," as described above.
But though the various parts here -- on Dodgson as don, mathematician, ordinand, photographer, friend of little girls; as diarist and letter writer; and finally as writer -- do add up to a reasonable whole, there is no one biography or study of this perplexing man which one can say is definitive.
Believing he was called to the ministry, he became an ordinand with the Church in Wales and started a degree in theology at Cambridge.
Amanda's present title is "licensed lay-worker" and ordinand (someone training for the ministry).
But even light training proved too much for one middle-aged ordinand who was carried to accident and emergency after dislocating his shoulder.