Ore Chute

ore chute

[′ȯr ‚shüt]
(mining engineering)
An inclined passage for the transfer of ore to a lower level.
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Ore Chute


a vertical or inclined mining excavation for transporting ore and other useful minerals by force of gravity. Hatch devices or feeders are installed in the lower portions of ore chutes for loading ore into hauling vessels or onto conveyors.

Depending on use and the length of service, a distinction is made between capital and block ore chutes. When raised deposits are mined by the opencut method, capital quarry ore chutes are used to transfer ore from the quarry to the loading sites in galleries. Underground capital ore chutes transport ore from one or several levels to the major haulage horizon.


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Whether it's inspecting a drift for wear and tear, or assessing an ore chute for erosion, the drone, using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology, can complete a 360-degree survey of an area, serving up "a super accurate, to-the-millimetre survey of the entire cavity," Campigotto said.
These high grade chips will enter an ore chute similar in design to that developed at Cameco's Cigar Lake project during boxhole boring trials (Cigar Lake is expected to be in production a year after McArthur River).
Even placing the charge can be hazardous for miners at the bottom of an ore chute if the wet muck above lets loose.
The company president and chief executive officer, Patrick Downey, said, 'We are very pleased with these results as they confirm the strike of the mineralized zone and continue to define the high-grade ore chutes within this zone.
However, further descent into the old workings is highly inadvisable because of extremely dangerous conditions, especially around the old ore chutes.
These new mining systems include multiton haulage trucks, bulldozerlike scoop trams, automatic ore chutes, and large mobile rock drills tele-operated from above via subterranean communications systems.
The trucks are being loaded from ore chutes and by LHDs.
With the move, and the $700,000-investment, they purchased better equipment and installed a 330-tonne press brake, which bends steel plate into different shapes for ore chutes and hoppers.