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2] is used to decompose organic compounds, a large number of intermediate compounds are usually formed.
Drying paint, stains and other coatings are believed to create smog by the release of vapors called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.
Determining the Presence of Organic Compounds in Foundry Waste Leachates
The passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 prompted an increased urgency to find new ways of treating airstreams containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as toluene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).
73 million commercial and residential lawn mowers, blowers and other utility tools emit 22 tons per day of volatile organic compounds - more than is put out by all the aircraft in the South Coast Air Basin, officials said.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere react with other chemicals to form smog.
An organic compound is any compound that contains a carbon chain or backbone.
Environmental issues and green technologies are also among the leading topics this year, with special sessions devoted to volatile organic compound reductions, renewable content polyols, and environment, health and safety.
The fiber has a composition comprising an aliphatic polyester and 1-50% by weight of one compound selected from the group consisting of a polyether having a C2 to C4 alkylene group, their derivatives, an organic compound having a sulfo group, an organic compound having a sulfate group, an organic compound having a carboxyl group, an organic compound having a phosphate group, an organic compound having an amino group, an organic compound having an amido group and an organic compound having an amino group and an amido group.
The DBE-LVP is tailored to meet both California's low vapor pressure/volatile organic compound criteria and the U.
Salicyclic acid was used as the model contaminant for this project because it is a very common and useful organic compound.
This has been largely in relation to urban waste water treatment, discharge of dangerous substances into the aquatic environment, packaging waste, landfill of waste, shipment of waste, integrated pollution prevention and control, drinking water, large combustion plants, incineration of hazardous waste, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from storage and distribution of petrol, VOC emissions due to the use of organic solvents, sulphur content of certain liquid fuels and ionising radiation in relation to medical exposure.