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1. of, relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living plants and animals
2. of or relating to animal or plant constituents or products having a carbon basis
3. of or relating to one or more organs of an animal or plant
4. of, relating to, or belonging to the class of chemical compounds that are formed from carbon
5. of or relating to the essential constitutional laws regulating the government of a state
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Forms that have a structure that perfectly fulfills their own functional requirements; intellectually integrated by a systematic connection and coordination of the parts to the whole.
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(organic chemistry)
Of chemical compounds, based on carbon chains or rings and also containing hydrogen with or without oxygen, nitrogen, or other elements.
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Said of a material or compound derived from vegetable or animal life.
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(Organic LED) A display technology that offers rich colors, high contrast, deep blacks, wide viewing angle, low power and fast response time for action scenes. Instead of silicon or gallium, which LEDs are made of, OLEDs use "organic" carbon emitting layers. OLED screens are found in TVs, smartphones, tablets, watches and VR/AR headsets. Increasingly, laptop displays and monitors are OLED, but screen burn-in is a problem when the same toolbars and logos remain on screen for weeks on end. For more OLED technology details, see OLED layers. See LED and PHOLED.

Transparent OLEDs (TOLEDs) function in heads-up displays and even as window shades. Flexible OLEDs (FOLEDs) can be folded, and OLEDs are also used for general-purpose ceiling and light fixtures. OLED's thinness, transparency and flexibility make it a versatile display technology for the 21st century. See TOLED, FOLED, WOLED and OLED lighting.

From 11 to 77 Inches
In 2007, Sony's 11" XEL-1 OLED TV (top) was the first commercial OLED TV. To emphasize its thinness, the tuner was separated from the screen. The intense colors captivated audiences but not its USD $2499 price tag. Seven years later, LG unveiled a 77" 4K OLED (bottom). By 2020, a 65" OLED cost less than the 11" OLED. (Top image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

From 11 to 77 Inches
In 2007, Sony's 11" XEL-1 OLED TV (top) was the first commercial OLED TV. To emphasize its thinness, the tuner was separated from the screen. The intense colors captivated audiences but not its USD $2499 price tag. Seven years later, LG unveiled a 77" 4K OLED (bottom). By 2020, a 65" OLED cost less than the 11" OLED. (Top image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

organic development

Internal growth based on adjusting and adapting to the situations at hand. For example, new information systems might evolve incrementally based on user feedback rather than starting anew with a system from a third party. See organic search.

organic search results

The ranking of a website on a search engine results list that is due entirely to the search engine's algorithms evaluating the site rather than from a paid ad. The websites of companies that pay for ads are ranked either on the first page or very high in the results list. However, without paid ads, websites are ranked based on their popularity and the content of their pages, the latter often manipulated by optimization specialists who try to trick the search engine (see page ranking and search engine optimization). Also called a "natural search." See vertical search engine and search engine.

organic semiconductor

A semiconductor made from a carbon-based material. For example, light-emitting polymers (LEPs) are organic semiconductors. Contrast with inorganic semiconductor. See LEP.
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Hypothesis 19: The education level and proportion of business degrees of top management will have a positive relationship to organicity.
This latter observation would suggest that the small firm, in balancing actions to improve performance by changing style versus restructuring the organization, should recognize that entrepreneurial style apparently has greater influence than organicity of structure.
In addition, we computed Cronbach's alpha for each dimension for the companies in our sub-sample with the following results: progressive decision-making (alpha = .61), social responsibility (alpha = .62), and organicity (alpha = .58).
For Jameson, the organicity of the symbolic mode has been replaced in today's art by a disjunctive formal syntax, by a greater concern for incoherence, fracture, dislocation: "If the symbolic is (overhastily) assimilated to various organic conceptions of the work of art and of culture itself, then the return of the repressed of its various opposites, and of a whole range of overt or covert theories of the allegorical, can be characterized by a generalized sensitivity, in our own time, to breaks and discontinuities, to the heterogeneous (not merely in works of art), to Difference rather than Identity, to gaps and holes .
However, a series of studies[24,83,91,118,120,124] that have followed the behaviourist tradition provide indirect empirical support to the applicability of the organicity construct to export channel structures.
A central theme of Stockhausen's early work is organicity: the interrelatedness of every aspect of a composition.
Taken together, the fragment's statement and method would therefore constitute a mimologics of truth: "The exposition cannot unfold on the basis of a principle or foundation because the 'foundation' fragmentation presupposes consists precisely in the fragmentary totality, in its organicity. The fragment thus constitutes the most 'mimological' writing conceivable for the individual's organicity" (44).
Those patients with co-morbid conditions, organicity, substance abuse, chronic physical illness, anti-social personality disorder were excluded.
Three such mechanisms are the reward structure, communication mechanisms, and structural organicity. First, formal reward structures signal to organizational members which actions are desirable, thereby changing their behavior, which subsequently leads to an adaptation of basic assumptions and values (Beck, 1987; Cohen, Birkin, Cohen, Garfield, & Webb, 2006; Mike & Slocum, 2003).
Forrest's project, however, is limited neither to evoking the latent organicity of ceramics nor to insinuating the creeping advance of human technology into the biological realm.
Certainly, they are aware that the Romantic idea of the organicity of life and art is jeopardized primarily by the highly unstable position of the self.