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History secret religious rites of Dionysus, Bacchus, etc., marked by drinking, dancing, and songs



(1) A religious rite in the mysteries associated with the cults of many ancient Oriental (Astarte, Isis, Osiris, Cybele, Tammuz), Greek (Orpheus, Dionysus), and Roman gods. Orgies were frequently unruly.

(2) A wild banquet.

What does it mean when you dream about an orgy?

A dream about an orgy suggests repressed desires of the id, desires for expression of one’s sexuality and passion. It indicates the need to be surrounded by the vital forces of life.

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He postulates that underneath the peaceful surface of civilization, of the Apollonian rational daylight, lies permanently the dark orgiastic energy of the night which eludes the control of the mind and problematizes knowledge and responsibility (Martfnkova 59-60).
Fornoff dwells indulgently on Nitsch's orgiastic rituals, and finally shows how the use of Gesamtkunstwerke reflects social and political developments, even in the suggestive and manipulative design of contemporary international companies.
The most common worship known for the presence of orgiastic and instinct dances in which ecstatic practices are enforced and the participants are seized with dancing mania, is the one offered to god Dionysus or Vakhou, which essentially affected Greeks and was preserved for many centuries (Burkert 110; Douka 89).
of orgiastic fumblings worthy (you'd remind me) of those
Dave Massey's orgiastic Feeding took the gold in the Leo's Jazz Dance Choreography Competitive event; Tessandra Chavez won the silver, and Jen Hechtle-Bradford the bronze.
But the preferred festival of the Romans, the orgiastic Saturnalia in the second half of December, certainly did not have a halcyon touch.
The absurdist French playwright Jean Genet's inflammatory work on racial hatred has been adapted for the Mexican stage in a work that features a lot of screaming, finger-pointing, orgiastic dance sequences and questioning on both sides of the actor-audience divide.
Turning to The Gift of Death text, Derrida begins his engagement with the Czech philosopher Jan Patocka by distinguishing between two kinds of secrecy, the orgiastic and the ethical.
It's a place of orgiastic excess, outrageous ridiculousness and very bad hair - the period and the people are recalled in a remarkable, clear-eyed, affectionate way.
communists detailed an orgiastic week of teasing and seducing, ups and downs, and banging for the buck.
117) as well as the danger of an actuality of a life fluctuating between boredom and orgiastic brutality.
The orgiastic tendency towards blurring of sexual difference is subverted by a reduction of feminine difference to 'the male Same', so that the chaos which might be thought to institute an equality between genders serves instead to re-establish the primacy of the masculine.