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History secret religious rites of Dionysus, Bacchus, etc., marked by drinking, dancing, and songs



(1) A religious rite in the mysteries associated with the cults of many ancient Oriental (Astarte, Isis, Osiris, Cybele, Tammuz), Greek (Orpheus, Dionysus), and Roman gods. Orgies were frequently unruly.

(2) A wild banquet.

What does it mean when you dream about an orgy?

A dream about an orgy suggests repressed desires of the id, desires for expression of one’s sexuality and passion. It indicates the need to be surrounded by the vital forces of life.

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The Glasgow MSP brought the civil action against the tabloid after it printed articles, in 2004-5, which alleged he had cheated on his wife, visited a swingers' sex club and participated in orgies.
Anyhow, the notion of the "sacred feminine" appears repeatedly throughout the book, along with the idea that Jesus wished us to worship Mary Magdalene as a goddess, partly by participating in orgies that fortify our spirituality.
The Klassen's affair began in the early 1990's, allegations that the Klassens and their extended family along with the three foster children's own birth parents had engaged in abuse rituals, including forcing them to participate in orgies, drink blood, eat eyeballs and watch babies being skinned and burned alive.
His Orgies Mysteries Theatre (OMT)--passionate latter-day revivals of Dionysian rites--constitutes the cathartic core of a Gesamtkunstwerk sometimes derided for its symbolic excess.
A 25-YEAR-OLD interview in which Arnold Schwarzenegger boasts of orgies and drug taking has come back to haunt the actor as he runs for California governor.
These sex scandals do not involve shocking exposes of illicit activities, of lecherous professors preying on innocent students or undergrads holding drunken orgies in dorms and fraternity houses.
Selfs Wotton is now a married, opportunistic, woman-hating bisexual with a penchant for gay "conga line" orgies and ample amounts of heroin.
149), and honeybee queens solicit up to 20 males for their midair orgies and have parasite-resistant offspring as a result (SN: 1/30/99, p.
For the same reasons, the right has despised him from the start as Dionysus, god of orgies, incarnate.
And the Venerables were not shy about reminding everyone what Washington had been and what it had become, a self-infatuated money-grubbing iron triangle of stupefying vulgarity, vainglory, egotism, and greed, worse than Rome because at least in Rome there was lively sexual license, orgies and the like.
There were only three full moons during this period, and, after some careful reading of Warnke's book, Trott and Hertenstein estimate that Warnke had about five weeks to accomplish: (a) turning down marijuana; (b) trying it after a "week or so"; (c) experimenting with LSD, peyote, and speed; (d) getting a job; (e) getting fired; (f) attending his first orgy a month after getting fired; (g) attending orgies regularly; and (h) establishing himself as a drug courier.
Orgies can go awry, and don't go camping in the wrong playhouse.