origanum majorana

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Seeds are common spice. Flowers taste like leaf, but milder. Use for asthma, coughs, stomach, intestines, headache, insomnia.
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Efecto antiespasmodico, Tratamiento de la migrana en mujeres, actividad anti-nociceptiva, anti-inflamatoria, anti-fungica y anestesico [49, 52] Melissa Actividad ansiolitica, antiviral contra officinale el Herpes Simplex, antioxidante y anticancerigeno [53, 55] Origanum majorana Actividad carminativa, sedante y antiespasmodico [30].
Inhibitory effect of ursolic acid purified from Origanum majorana L on the acetylcholinesterase.
Previous study on essential oil composition in Origanum majorana showed that, terpinene-4-ol (38.
Origanum majorana has two chemotypes, Sweet marjoram and white oregano.
12] reported that, the most prominent compounds of the essential oil of Origanum majorana were terpinen-4-ol, [gamma]-terpinene.
Presumably, variation in chemo types, environmental factors and growth conditions affect in Origanum majorana essential oil composition [33].
In present study, we cultured Origanum majorana and investigated essential oil composition of this plant.
Seed of Origanum majorana was obtianed from Institute of Medicinal Plants, Isfahan, Iran and was grown in green house conditions.