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(1) An authentic, original text, as opposed to a copy.

(2) In publishing, the typewritten manuscript and graphic material from which a printed publication is made. The original copy is carefully prepared at the publishing house—for example, it is proofread and the typeface, type size, and page size are specified. Graphic material may consist of line drawings, tables, graphs, photographs, transparencies (negatives), and similar materials. In reprinting, a copy of the previous edition usually serves as the original. An original may be coded on punched or magnetic tape.



(1) A firsthand object used as a model for reproductions.

(2) A painting or document composed firsthand.

(3) The complete author’s text of a literary work, as distinguished from a translation, rough draft, or revision.

(4) A work of fine art, as distinguished from a copy or forgery.

References in classic literature ?
If she showed Noel Vanstone the original letter from which her note had been copied, he would apply instantly to the writer for an explanation: would expose the fabricated story by which Mrs.
As a loafer I shall never be original, as I take it that you are.
Descendants of some of those proud families still inhabit the palaces of Genoa, and trace in their own features a resemblance to the grim knights whose portraits hang in their stately halls, and to pictured beauties with pouting lips and merry eyes whose originals have been dust and ashes for many a dead and forgotten century.
Of course, the originals are out of my reach, but it's a comfort to have these.
At last he rose with a sigh, folded up the originals that had formerly been in his chest-protector and put them into the breast-pocket of his jacket, and then very carefully deposited the copies he had made in the place of the originals.
Suffice it to say, that I believe the applications for loans, gifts, and offices of profit that I have been requested to forward to the originals of the BROTHERS CHEERYBLE (with whom I never interchanged any communication in my life) would have exhausted the combined patronage of all the Lord Chancellors since the accession of the House of Brunswick, and would have broken the Rest of the Bank of England.
He was one of those originals which nature sometimes invents in the freak of a moment, and of which she then breaks the mould.
By far the greater part of the romances current in England were written in French, whether by Normans or by French natives of the English provinces in France, and the English ones which have been preserved are mostly translations or imitations of French originals.
The raven in this story is a compound of two great originals, of whom I was, at different times, the proud possessor.
Pyncheon Street formerly bore the humbler appellation of Maule's Lane, from the name of the original occupant of the soil, before whose cottage-door it was a cow-path.
Ere the English ship fades from sight, be it set down here, that she hailed from London, and was named after the late Samuel Enderby, merchant of that city, the original of the famous whaling house of enderby and sons; a house which in my poor whaleman's opinion, comes not far behind the united royal houses of the Tudors and Bourbons, in point of real historical interest.
I kept a copy, but gave the original to the Burgomaster.