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orle, orlet

A narrow band, or series of small members, taking the form of a border.
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Entre Campo de Caso y Orle, 30TUN08, Fernandez Ordonez, FCO 539.
In fact, in 1994 New Orle held the disturbing title of "Murder Capital of America."
A clear sign of the changing times in Alma-Ata is the formation and development of Corporation ORLE. This is a group of independent Kazakh economists and engineers in Alma-Ata which acts to advise companies and channel foreign investment for joint-ventures in the republic.
A 5,327-SF home in the Orle Circle neighborhood of west Little Rock's Chenal Valley development is under new ownership after a $935,000 deal.
Orle Barrington Burey and Kevin Brett Weiss have filed for Seat 30.
The centrality of the Goethe-Schiller correspondence is recognized in an essay by Gail Hart, and Astrida Orle Tantillo assesses the sense in which Goethe's scientific views can be called classical.
244): "les bateaux [sic] ont des noms grecs, slaves, celtiques." Orle texte de Rimbaud est: "son domaine, azur et verdure insolents, court sur des plages nommees, par des vagues sans vaisseaux, de noms ferocement grecs, slaves, cehiques" ou il est clair que ce sont les plages qui sont nommees de noms grecs, slaves, celtiques.