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The branch of geography dealing with mountains.



the branch of geomorphology devoted to the description and classification of forms of relief (mountain ranges, uplands, basins, and so on) on the basis of external characteristics and without regard to origin.

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GPS PW can also be particularly useful in the case of atmospheric river events, when moisture is concentrated in a band associated with the low-level jet, rain rate is minimally impacted by evaporation, orographically forced ascent is appreciably larger than synoptic ascent, and hydrometeor generation is instantaneous and 100% efficient.
As it reached the range, the moist air was orographically lifted, leading to intense convection and extreme rainfall.
Much of the precipitation during the September 2013 Colorado flood was characterized by orographically lifted, stratiform precipitation with some embedded convection.
2003), among others, have been designed in the last decade to improve the understanding and prediction of orographically generated precipitation.