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see dentistrydentistry,
treatment and care of the teeth and associated oral structures. Dentistry is mainly concerned with tooth decay, disease of the supporting structures, such as the gums, and faulty positioning of the teeth.
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a branch of stomatology concerned with the study, treatment, and prevention of anomalies of development of the teeth and maxillofacial skeleton. The cause of these anomalies can be hereditary or dependent on prenatal and postnatal conditions of growth and development in the child. Common causes of anomalies of the maxillodental system include metabolic disturbances and childhood diseases that adversely affect the formation of the skeleton. Harmful habits, such as finger sucking, misuse of nipples, and labored nasal breathing, may contribute to the rise of anomalies. Deformities of the maxillodental system result in functional impairment of speech and of the digestive and respiratory organs.

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to make cosmetic and functional improvements in the maxillodental system and to normalize the child’s development. Orthodontic treatment is complex, making use of special appliances combined with pharmacological agents and physical therapy; sometimes, surgery followed by logopedic treatment is necessary. The systematic care of the mouth in preschool and school children is another aspect of orthodontic treatment.


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A branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of malocclusion.


, orthodontia
the branch of dentistry concerned with preventing or correcting irregularities of the teeth
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For the very few things that are not covered by national health insurance, such as orthodontia or glasses, complementary insurance plans are available to cover these services.
Sure, you may be counting down the days 'til contacts or brace-free teeth, but in the meantime, use these tools to play up your lab features: Find cute frames that fit your face (both Taylor Momsen and Hilary Duff have been spotted sporting cute specs) and get creative with your orthodontia by opting for multi-colored bands.
If a patient has orthodontia for overlapping teeth, or requires teeth to be removed due to lack of space, this is a symptom of having a narrow airway.
In a departure from previous informal guidance, the IRS informally indicated that orthodontia expenses should be treated differently from other medical expenses.
CMS told the states that they must cover medically necessary orthodontia services and that they may provide supplemental dental-only coverage to low-income children who have private health insurance but inadequate or no dental coverage.
Consider offering a core benefit where the employer pays the premium for preventive care (exams, cleanings and X-rays) that everyone can use and allow employees to elect to purchase additional coverage like basic and major services, and possibly orthodontia.
The fund provides dental, orthodontia and eye care for children from needy families, putting smiles on their faces and giving them confidence to be successful in life.
In February, 2010, Ben's daughter incurs orthodontia expenses of $1,000 which are covered under the plan.
My parents could not afford the orthodontic treatment that I needed, but our school nurse, Marie Kelly, took a picture of my smile and sent it to our state capital in Albany, where they provided the orthodontia that changed my life: I could smile, not cover my mouth with my hand, and not be afraid of being teased.
At that point, we landed our very first client, a company called AmeriFee--they financed things like cosmetic surgeries, orthodontia work, vision correction procedures that regular insurance companies don't.