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M](X, Y) be the sectional curvature determined by orthonormal vectors X and Y.
The ENOR algorithm generates a frequency-independent set of orthonormal vectors, called basis V, which spans the solution space which is sufficient to faithfully reflect the interaction between fields at ports in limited frequency range.
This concept is realized by designing a SDMA precoder that satisfies both null-steering and orthogonality constraints, where the matrix comprises (denotes the number of transmit antennas) mutually orthonormal vectors that are orthogonal to the array steering vector in the direction of coexisting systems [25].
n-1]b are linearly dependent, that is why Arnoldi iteration is used to find orthonormal vectors rather than the basis [q.
Then the orthonormal vectors in T(PTM) and the dual orthonormal vectors in T*(PTM) are given by
For each plane [pi] spanned orthonormal vectors X and Y in [GAMMA](TM) and for each points in M, we define the sectional curvature K([pi]) by
j] for 1 [less than or equal to] j [less than or equal to] i and for all k x n matrices X there exist orthonormal vectors [p.
r] is a orthonormal vectors set, find a SC matrix A.
The natural model is the Cosserat theory, where the vector microstructure is described by a triad of orthonormal vectors.
Now we assume that as input to Stage 2 we have one element of a set of p orthonormal vectors.
with u and V varying over all pairs of real orthonormal vectors.
0] are matched [3, 10], one obtains two sets of orthonormal vectors forming two orthonormal bases [V.
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