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When the French ate the Ortolan, they covered their head with a napkin to hide their shame.
Myers is narked by the elitism of Bourdain and his ilk, cheffy types who, in the book, are brought to the peak of quasi-sexual stimulation by a secret banquet at which they gorge on wingclipped ortolan. The diners' heads are concealed, as tradition demands, by napkins, thus enhancing the experience.
Emberiza hortulana (Ortolan Bunting)###-###20 (15.05.2009)###1 (12.08.2008)###-###M###LC###A.3
Perhaps it might be interesting to some dyspeptic idler, who painfully strolls through a city park, to coax an appetite to a sufficient intensity to enable him to pick an ortolan, if I were to describe to him the fare set before us ...
Bardsey had several good records including ortolan bunting, melodious and icterine warblers and wryneck.
Sandra Satiko Kitamura (I) Alexandre Coutinho Antonelli (II) Celso Akio Maruta (II) Maria Claudia Araripe Sucupira (II) Clara Satsuki Mori (II) Leticia Andreza Yonezawa (III) Lilian Emy dos Santos Michima (II) Pierre Castro Soares (II) Enrico Lippi Ortolan (II)
The Gulf Computer Services, Gulfol and Ortolan backed youngster improved on the excellent performance he produced at the 1.2-mile track on day one with a fine workmanlike effort yesterday.
ORTOLAN, voz <<Canonisation>>, en Dictionnaire de Theologie Catholique, t.
Ortolan is a student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil.
Effects of a golf course on population dynamics of the endangered Ortolan bunting.
He hopes the publicity could offset the threat posed by senator Ortolan Finistirre (William H Macy), who is heading a campaign to have poison stickers on all cigarette packs.
He is delighted when Washington reporter Heather Holloway (Katie Holmes) arranges to interview him for a profile piece - the publicity could offset the threat posed by opportunistic senator Ortolan Finistirre (William H Macy), who is spearheading a campaign to have 'Poison' stickers positioned on the front of all cigarettes.