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Any effect that varies in a back-and-forth or reciprocating manner. Examples of oscillation include the variations of pressure in a sound wave and the fluctuations in a mathematical function whose value repeatedly alternates above and below some mean value.

The term oscillation is for most purposes synonymous with vibration, although the latter sometimes implies primarily a mechanical motion. The alternating current and the associated electric and magnetic fields are referred to as electric (or electromagnetic) oscillations.

If a system is set into oscillation by some initial disturbance and then left alone, the effect is called a free oscillation. A forced oscillation is one in which the oscillation is in response to a steadily applied periodic disturbance.

Any oscillation that continually decreases in amplitude, usually because the oscillating system is sending out energy, is spoken of as a damped oscillation. An oscillation that maintains a steady amplitude, usually because of an outside source of energy, is undamped. See Anharmonic oscillator, Damping, Forced oscillation, Harmonic oscillator, Vibration


(control systems)
The oscillation of a real-valued function on an interval is the difference between its least upper bound and greatest lower bound there.
The oscillation of a real-valued function at a point x is the limit of the oscillation of the function on the interval [x-e, x + e ] as e approaches 0. Also known as saltus.
Any effect that varies periodically back and forth between two values.
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In this study, the H+-Mn2+-CH COCH -BrO - was used as the chemical oscillation system to investigate the influences of electrochemical fingerprints of Radix Paeoniae Alba in terms of temperature, stirring rate, dosage, hydrogen ion concentration, etc.
According to the report, the satellite wasn't initially designed to detect fine details like these oscillations but the findings came as a huge surprise for the team.
In the next section, we present clear explanation regarding the ability of the S-shaped profile to cancel the residual oscillation and show how this motion profile can be used as a solution for quay crane cargo oscillation reduction.
The quasi-biennial oscillation has a wide influence on stratospheric conditions.
However, our results show that the rhythmic oscillation occurred prior to movement onset (Figures 3(d), 3(e), and 4).
Statistical analysis of average duration of high-frequency oscillations
The oscillation of [theta](t) present in data segment 1 clearly shows a frequency increase, starting at 0.
An oscillation is characterized by two sign changes of the difference between successive points in every time period.
A highly oriented crystallization occurs in the transparent bands and voids arc formed in opaque bands during stress oscillation period.
Median coefficients of variation for both measurements were 14% and 15% for interrupter resistance (with a range from 5% to 48%), and 14% and 13% for the oscillation amplitude (with a range from 3% to 36%).
In reality, the resulting motion is a superposition of two fundamental and independent oscillations: the phugoid (or long-period) oscillation and the short-period oscillation.