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Aside from watching the nest cameras, wildlife lovers can keep up to date with the story as it unfolds through the Kielder Osprey blog at kielderospreys.
Photographers are loudly told by the female osprey to stay at a distance.
Osprey nests historically were constructed in the tops of large dead trees with flattened tops.
In 2005, while monitoring osprey nests in northern Michigan to identify appropriate chicks for removal and hacking, biologists observed an unexpectedly high level of chick mortality.
The Osprey team projects that by optimizing simulators to complete up to 75 percent of 100-level training at the Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS), the number of MV-22 aircraft marked for training can be reduced from 40 to 20.
Two weeks later, an Osprey carrying four Marines crashed, this time due to faulty hydraulics.
Never, that is, until I began to contemplate the osprey.
Jumper arrived at MCAS and after being briefed went to Marine Aircrew Training Systems Squadron to fly an Osprey simulator.
Perhaps the MV-22 Osprey should be renamed Phoenix since this remarkable and controversial aircraft has twice risen from the ashes of skepticism and tragedy.